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Quality Foam Insulation 

spray foam insulation in framing walls and ceiling of a home under construction

We pride ourselves in spraying a premium product, used with top of the line equipment. 

Our new and improved technology is guaranteed to spray on ration and provide a safe and efficient foam.


Open Cell

Closed Cell

Attic rafters coated with a layer of professional spray foam insulation filling the gaps, creating a seamless air barrier


~Sound reduction 

~ Thermal barrier

~Light weight 

~ Softer, more flexible

~Higher expansion rate

~ Typically 3.5-6" thickness

Location: Attic/ roof decking, Ceiling/ Floor joists, interior walls

Warehouse interior with spray foam insulation for improved temperature control and energy efficiency


~Waterproof/ moisture resistant

~ Structural Strength, Rigid

~Visually appealing

~Higher density

~ Typically 1.5- 3" thickness

Location: Metal roof/ walls, block/ concrete walls, subgrade, crawlspaces

Open frame of a modern home under construction, with spray foam to be installed for a comfortable and energy-efficient home

There is no better time to insulate than during the building of a new home. Due to the air-tight seal, spray foam will improve the overall efficiency of a new home with higher air quality, along with smaller HVAC unit requirements. 

New Construction

Old Insulation Removal 

If your home insulation is damaged, you may want to consider having it removed. Fortunately, our insulation removal service can help you get rid of old or damaged insulation in order to provide your home with a better level of comfort, and cleanliness. 

Attic Retrofit

Attic Retrofitting, it our most common request. Alabama summers, are HOT and HUMID. Spray Foam insulation can reduce your energy bills by up to 40%. 

Transform your crawl space with spray foam insulation: Enhanced comfort and lower energy bills

Metal Buildings

Spray Foam Closed Cell Insulation is the ONLY choice when choosing to build out a metal building. These building sweat causing moisture accumulation behind standard insulation, resulting in mold/mildew build up. Closed cell insulation provides a water proofing membrane not allowing mildew growth. It also provides a hardening agent, which increases the structural integrity of the building. 

Pole Barn/ Barndominiums

Pole Barn Insulation is a MUST when finishing out a garage, or a barndominium for living quarters. Spray foam stops condensation, prevents heat/air transfer in and out, and deadens noise of rain and wind.

Building smart while investing in comfort: barndominium construction with Vault Spray Foam, LLC. insulation.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

The BEST crawl space insulation is done by insulation the exterior walls of the crawl space, along with installing 10 mil vapor barrier plastic on the ground by sealing the edges and overlapping the plastic with spray foam insulation. A few benefits include: reducing ground moisture, smell, pests/rodent invasion, and heating/cooling loss. 

crawl space encapsulated with closed-cell spray foam insulation to improve energy efficiency and prevent moisture intrusion

Insulating the floor joists/ rim joists in the crawlspace with Closed Cell foam is also used to seal the floor system completely. Spray foam fills every crack and gap, eliminating drafts and pollen/mildew particles from entering into your home. 

Close-up photo of spray foam insulation applied to the floor joists of a crawl space

Is Spray Foam Insulation A Good Choice??

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